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medallion man

Freddie Sugden AKA 'Medallion Man' is co-founder, resident, and the driving force behind Loose Lips. Since its launch in October 2014, he has directed its growth into a well-respected and ever-ambitious diverse musical platform, curating all events, label releases, charity work, mix series, radio shows and directing the blog's activities. His own DJing continues to blossom alongside the wider project, seeing him regularly DJ around the UK & Europe, gaining a reputation for eclecticism and intriguing mixing.

He also works as head of publishing at the established label, 2020Vision Recordings, and runs a mysterious new vinyl label called Reposition, alongside Third Ear's El Prevost. He also carefully manages a diverse roster of musicians, ranging from unique singer-songwriters through to modular geeks.

He started playing on the radio, developing a unique take on experimental and electronic music. Animating several shows on different stations during the last years, he regularly offers listeners 2 hours of varied sounds. In April 2017, this passion extended to starting his own station, a brand new community project called Threads Radio which has quickly grown into a thriving, internationally recognised project. His own Loose Lips show is every Monday night, 8-10pm, and invites artists for guest mixes and interviews on a weekly basis - http://loose-lips.co.uk/radio-shows.

Recently, if this wasn't all enough, he's launched a new project called 'London Promoter's Society', alongside Hayley Squires & Luke Handsfree, which aims to bring back more cohesion and collective spirit into London's diverse musical melting pot.
medallion man
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