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dj stingray

DJ Stingray is a future-focused selector at the helm of the electro renaissance. The Detroit based electro dons razor-sharp mixing and production chops are the result of years of accumulated skill and knowledge. Now among the most respected underground players, he’s helped spearhead a fresh appetite for electro on dancefloors, while constantly challenging himself and his audiences. Stingray is also the founder of Urban Tribe and associate of mythical Detroit electro duo Drexciya. As both a DJ and producer, Stingray is a master of light-speed, futuristic electro, preferring fast tempos and inventive beat patterns to more accessible, club-friendly rhythms.
dj stingray
  • Music:Leeds
  • Bop DJ
  • BID
  • Leeds College Of Music
  • Arts Council
  • Resident Advisor
  • DJ Mag