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Blasha & Allatt

Techno, acid, electro, breaks. Until a few years ago you might not have expected to hear all of these genres mentioned collectively, but as Natasha Carter and Steffi Allatt describe their sound, these are thoroughly interchangeable styles favoured by many rising selectors across the UK and beyond today.

At their party Meat Free, this is the prominent sound Carter and Allatt push at places like Soup Kitchen – a gritty underground venue now known as one of the best places to hear electronic music in Manchester. Carter and Allatt have been the promoters behind Meat Free since its inception in 2013, but recently they’ve become better known as the party’s two killer resident DJs.
Blasha & Allatt
  • Music:Leeds
  • Bop DJ
  • BID
  • Leeds College Of Music
  • Arts Council
  • Resident Advisor
  • DJ Mag