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Music:Leeds Launchpad


We're pleased to welcome a fresh wave of emerging talent discovered through this years Music:Leeds Launchpad.

Thanks to everyone for submitting their music and mixes for consideration, we uncovered some great music we'd not yet come across including new editions to the 2020 line up; Seth & Lindenbaum Modular.

Lindenbaum Modular

Leeds base Modular Synth artist Lindenbaum Modular is emerging from the cities underground electronic music scene with his unique modular take on Techno, House & ambient soundscapes.


Seth Chohan (19) has been producing for 3 years and is working to create an unparalleled blend of club-ready House, with elements of his musical roots, Jazz.
 He works with deep funky subs, intricate melodies and jazzy harmony in his production. Drawing similarities with Bellaire, Sweely and Purple Disco Machine.

As a performer, he aims to create a positive and open dance floor, free from drops that linger too long, and full of bright percussion and melodies which catch the ear and keep people moving. In 2019, he launched two events in Leeds (Lucid Sounds and Dirtbox), and notably supported Mall Grab at The Warehouse in December.

Seth's familiarity with the Leeds scene is ever-growing and after the release of his Try Me - EP (January 2020), he is set to hit Leeds hard in the new decade with captivating shows, plenty of releases and demonstrations of his musical versatility. Seth's recent EP has attracted attention from the BBC, after the opening tune "Help" featured with BBC Introducing. The rest of the EP earnt him a 10-minute mini-mix on our inner city electronic special. 

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