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music:leeds launchpad


We're pleased to welcome a fresh wave of emerging talent discovered through this years Music:Leeds Launchpad.

Thanks to everyone for submitting their music and mixes for consideration, we uncovered some great music we had not yet come across. Take a look at some of the new editions to this years line up who submitted music via the launchpad. 

James Orvis

James Orvis is an electronic artist from Hull. Making hypnotic & melodic dance music inspired by the likes of Kiasmos & Stephan Bodzin. Previously, the guitarist in a 2 piece band that toured with GusGus. His desire to bring musicality and stage craft to his love of club music, set him on a path to build a concept based around playing his own material live. With recognition from emerging talent programs, BBC Introducing & Bands in Town Big Break, James is beginning to share his sound with the world. His first single on underground dance label La Divina, reached number 2 in the Beatport charts. Only kept off the top spot by Loco Dice!


Like most children born and raised in a gospel church, music is in his blood. Singing in the choir and playing lead guitar in the church band from the age of 12 was the perfect catalyst for Alfred's music production development. Music production itself started during sixth form college with an A level in Music Technology (seen as a "break" from the sciences). Alfred's analytical/scientific nature led me to veer towards the more technical aspects of music production i.e. sound design. Moving around the country to study and work (first at Loughborugh, then Manchester, down to London and currently Leeds) has exposed him to a wide variety of club scenes and consolidated his love for electronic/experimental sounds.

Thea HD

Leaf Label and NTS affiliate Thea HD explores the inner and outer reaches of the kosmische world, wondering about synth-laden electronica earths, whizzing through acid-house-88-style planetary systems and diving into the abstract ambient abyss.


MOEGLI is quickly gaining a reputa7on amongst his peers as one of the most technically adept producers in the game right now. His filthy suede lined produc7ons range from wonky Hip-hop, dirt 7nged basslines to emo7onally charged future garage cuts transcending the normal boundaries producers set on themselves to create an iden7fiable and unique sound. Performed alongside some of electronic music's modern staples such as Brainfeeder's Lapalux & Teebs, Expect a constant flow of funky rhythms, groove and bass; lots of bass.


Evolving acid bass and meticulously programmed drums are two main features of Leeds based Acid Techno/IDM producer, 'moi_6', but beneath that is a hidden layer of beauty, pushing what technology both old and new can do to create some of the weirdest music heard to date. "You need to get past the ‘well this guy clearly knows his way round a sequencer and a drum machine’ and just think of this as music, and although you could dance to this, to think of it as music that you can actually sit and listen to as well." - Local Sound Focus, 2019