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Diversity & Inclusion



inner city electronic is a multi-venue electronic musical festival and conference based in Leeds. Launched in 2018, the event features a wide range of musical performances from both international and local artists, alongside a comprehensive program of talks and workshops focused on musical development, industry, culture and technology. There have been three editions to date that have attracted an average of 3,500 people into the city per event.

Although inner city electronic was one of few festivals to hold an edition in 2020 the global pandemic halted all live events, which led to extreme hardship within the music industry and related communities. inner city electronic is committed to finding ways we can continue to support the music scene in our city and work to address both pre-existing and emerging issues that have been highlighted during the pandemic.

inner city electronic is committed to supporting electronic music and related industries in Leeds through live and online events. The festival will continue to place a strong focus on providing performance opportunities for local artists with at least 50% representation across all our line-ups.

We will continue to work alongside a wide range of independent venues and institutions to produce our events, while continuing to work with a broad pool of partners, suppliers and freelancers from across the city. inner city electronic aims explore new ways to support the Leeds electronic music communities following the crisis and recommence live events as soon as we are able to do so.

In response to the killing of George Floyd and subsequent Black Live Matter movement, inner city electronic have focused on education and awareness on the dynamics of racism within the music industry and worked on improving; equality, accessibility and diversity policies.

We have decided to outline the actions and measures we plan to implement to assist the Leeds electronic music scene in re-grouping, re-building and recovering from the pandemic alongside our commitments to further; equality, diversity and community cohesion.

Our Mission:

- Celebrate electronic music, community, culture and history
- Promote diversity, accessibility and equal opportunities in electronic music
- Provide artistic development, education and pathways into music and related industries
- Support local artists, venues and creative communities
- Creating networks for collaboration

Celebrate electronic music, community, culture and history:

inner city electronic will continue to celebrate and promote electronic music and culture across our live events and online platforms. Since 2018 we have placed focus on electronic music community, culture & history through our conference programme, with talks designed specifically to tell the story of electronic music, both locally and globally.

Talks on electronic music history have included; the pioneering work of Delia Derbyshire, the dub roots of bass & bleep, the history of warehouse music and the importance of northern soul for dance music.

We acknowledge that electronic music has its roots in Black, Latino and LGBTQI+ cultures and pledge to further educate and inform our audience of its history. Talks on culture and community have included; community sound, parties for a purpose, women in music, clubbing accessibility, responses in the music industry to climate change and many others.

inner city electronic aims to further expand our conference programme and will continue to tackle important issues at our conferences including; representation, diversity and accessibility in electronic music and festivals.

We are committed to creating events that represent the many diverse musical communities in the city. We will listen to the needs of local communities, partners, and attendees when producing events and develop event models that benefit local communities.

Promote diversity, accessibility and equal opportunities in electronic music:

inner city electronic strives to create inclusive experiences for everyone involved including; attendees, artists, staff, freelancers and partners. We recognise that the road to equal opportunity is on-going and requires constant improvement.

inner city electronic will commit to increasing the representation of people of colour across our festival line-ups and conference programme with the goal of encouraging and enhancing diversity. We have engaged an independent consultant to review diversity, representation and accessibility across our events and will regularly review our commitments to inclusion and equal opportunity.

inner city electronic will continue to engage in conversations with key members of our wider communities to learn and action how we can enhance the creative work of under-represented people across the festival.

inner city electronic is a signatory to Keychange, pledging to achieve 50/50 gender balance across event line ups. We were the first festival in Leeds to pledge to the Keychange initiative, which has resulted in significant improvements in gender balance. We will continue working towards our target and are confident of achieving 50/50 balance by or before 2022.

inner city electronic hosts events across the city at several venues and are committed to ensuring that they provide safe, inclusive spaces with zero tolerance policies to all forms of discrimination or harassment including, but not limited to; racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and ableism. We will ensure up to date guidelines for our attendee’s safety are distributed to all hosts and partners.

inner city electronic will take care to ensure that the wide range of organisations we work with to produce our events are also commited to providing equal oppertunities and encouraging diversity. We are dedicated to working with local organisations, businesses and freelancers, whenever it is possible to do so.

inner city electronic will regularly assess our actions to ensure barriers to the arts, including, but not limited to; mental health, physical disability, long term health issues, unemployment, low income, learning disabilities, and barriers identified for individuals from LGBTQI+ communities and minority groups are considered in the production and programming of our events.

inner city electronic is committed to support the creative work of young people and provide access to learning, with a significant percentage of both attendees and contributors aged 18-30. inner city electronic will continue to explore ways in which we can provide opportunities and education to young people.

Since our inception all paid roles across events including staffing and performance have been offered in line with government guidance and fair pay guidelines and in accordance with the National Minimum Wage Act 1998 and The National Living Wage & Equal Pay Act 2010. inner city electronic will continue to ensure paid opportunities across our events are in line with both government and industry standards.

We strive to make inner city electronic an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone. Since the festivals inception we have provided an additional free carer pass to assist any attendee that requires additional help accessing events. We acknowledge that some participating venues are better equipped than others and will work closely with all venues to prevent access limitations across the festival.

Carer passes are available upon request from: info@innercityelectronic.com

Provide artistic development, education and pathways into music and related industries:

inner city electronic was founded with the intention of providing educational insights into the electronic music through its conference programme.

Over the last three years the festival has held educational panels and discussions covering a wide range of subjects relating to careers in music including; working in music and festivals, starting a record label, releasing music, getting gigs and many others. inner city electronic will continue to curate conference discussions that provide insights and professional experience to assist in multiple pathways in music.

The inner city electronic conference program places strong focus on artistic development, including work undertaken alongside Music:Leeds DJ / Producer Launch Pad with the aim of helping aspiring musicians develop and further their understanding of the music industry, available income streams and developing their artistic profile.

Each edition of inner city electronic has featured keynote talks and master classes including presentations from; Orbital, Octave One, Kelly Lee Owens, KiNK and Afrodeutche. The 2020 event featured the addition of interactive workshops allowing attendees to get hands on with music technology under the guidance of professional DJs and producers including; PBR Streetgang, Tristan Da Cunha and Bobby.

Realising that it can be difficult for people to meet industry professionals, we aim to offer one -on-one sessions with professionals attending our conference at future events. We will also work to create specific networking areas at the festival to encourage collaboration, networking and skill sharing.

inner city electronic will continue to work on providing free access to educational activity taking place at our conferences for students on related courses in Leeds and the surrounding area.

Free access will be subject to capacity and considered upon request from the relevant course leaders. We will also consider requests from college and university societies that have an interest in our activities.

Requests for educational access can be submitted to info@innercityelectronic.com

Support local artists, venues and creative communities:

Since the festivals inception our line-ups have featured a 50/50 split or greater of international and local artists. We pledge to ensure this continues across all future event line-ups.

inner city electronic has previously worked with several organisations in the city including: Music:Leeds, Leeds Producer Forum and BBC Introducing West Yorkshire as avenues for local talent to find performance opportunities across the festival and have their music heard. We will further expand our initiatives with the goal of assisting talent in finding real life working opportunities in music and related industries.

inner city electronic will introduce an annual open call for artists and dedicate a number of performance slots per year for successful applicants, while also assisting in the promotion of their work across our online platforms.

We encourage people to submit contributor recommendations through our website to showcase their work as an artist, speaker, organization or creative.

Contributor contact: https://www.innercityelectronic.com/contact

inner city electronic will also work to build an artist network, offering mentoring to a selection of local artists. Including technical skills, guidance and support from our team. They will be supported with performance opportunities and promotion across our digital platforms and live events. The number of places available will dependent on available funding.

In addition, we will also be exploring ways we can support external activity across our platforms to help promote the work of like minded creatives.

Creating networks for collaboration:

inner city electronic hopes to bring people together through a shared passion for electronic music. We aim to provide exceptional environments that encourage collaboration for both attendees and guests.

inner city electronic has booked over 300 artists and speakers since it’s inception, bringing internationally renowned artists into the city alongside local talent. The festival fosters the spirit of collaboration and many artists have also attended and participated in our conference, providing opportunities to meet, talk and connect. We aim to place focus on spaces throughout the city that offer communal places to network on the day and encourage people to do so.

inner city electronic will be working to expand and diversify it’s pool of collaborators across future events and will be listening to the needs and suggestions of; attendees, event partners and local community members to consider new ways we can encourage and support collaboration in the city.

inner city electronic works with a variety of creative industries to produce the festival and encourages everyone to attend the event and engage in networking activity.


The pandemic has had a truly devastating impact on everyone involved in live music, nightlife, and the electronic music scene. We are dedicated to assiting in the restoration of events and hope to provide a positive way forward for everyone involved.

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