We are pleased to have announced our masterclasses for inner city electronic 2018, featuring a unique live masterclass with world renowned electronic producer KiNK, as well as an in depth look into the methods of Dub with Prince Fatty. 



With his live performances KiNK manages to bridge the divide between man and machine. KiNK's live masterclass will give people an opportunity to learn some of the technical tips and tricks that go into his performance straight from the man himself.  


prince fatty

A strong theme running though inner city is the crucial role of dub reggae and it’s impact on electronic music, especially in Leeds. Prince Fatty is a master on the board with dub FX and has worked with Hollie Cook, Adrian Sherwood, Dub Syndicate, A Tribe Called Quest and many more. Prince Fatty gives a masterclass in dub before performing live with Iration Steppas.