new additions

We've selected a few musical highlights from a hand full of artists set to join us off the back of our second wave announcement earlier this month. 

helena hauff

Hamburg native Helena Hauff made her name as a DJ spinning acid house, EBM/industrial, and electro at the Golden Pudel Club, where she hosted a night called Birds and Other Instruments. Her own productions draw from these influences, as she creates stripped-down techno and electro recorded strictly using analog equipment. In recent years Helena has gone on to become one of the most exciting female artists in electronic music, performing internationally at the likes of Sonar, Dekmatel, Dimensions and many more.


Despite releasing only a small handful of records since his eponymous white-label debut in 2011, Objekt has quickly become one of the most consistently lauded producers of recent years. The Berlin-based artist has garnered an enviable reputation for attention to detail, evocative arrangements and inventive, effervescent sound design, coaxing sonic features from the most unlikely of places.

detroit swindle

Detroit Swindle was formed in 2011 by Lars Dales (1981) & Maarten Smeets (1982). It all started after Lars - who was programming a few nightclubs in Amsterdam - had to fire Maarten for playing too much underground music.

Since then the duo have gone on to released music on renowned labels like Freerange, Future Classics, Dirt Crew (where they released their well received debut album ‘Boxed Out’), Tsuba, Classic Music Company, Kaoz Theory and many more. This includes notable remixes for Hercules and Love Affair, Chet Faker, Seven Davis Jr. and Romanthony’s track ‘Too Long’ produced by Daft Punk. 

leon vynehall

Leon Vynehall has consistently proven himself to be an artist with his own agenda, rather than a producer aping the sound of the day. To date his off kilter sounds have come in the form of EPs on labels like 3024, Rush Hour and Running Back, and have been carefully crafted things, layered with musicality whilst never straying too far from an infectious groove. 

Taking obvious foundations from house, techno, disco, funk, hip-hop and soul, Vynehall’s music incorporates many elements from his musical past too: his journey began with playing drums and the piano in bands as a teenager - which manifests itself in the raw, live sound he strives for in his productions.

central processing unit

Dubbed as one of the best electro imprints by Resident Advisor, Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit has been responsible for an outstanding string of electro releases since it’s inception in 2012.